Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese Halo-halo

This dessert is called eight-treasure health soup (八寶養生湯, read as 'pa-pao-yang-sheng-tang' in mandarin). I call it the chinese version of the Filipino dessert 'halo-halo'. ^,^

It's a mixture of stuffs placed over crushed ice like the halo-halo.  The syrup is made of crystal sugar whereas the halo-halo generally uses condensed milk. 

The main difference is that continuous consumption of the delicious halo-halo will eventually add to our body weight. =(  While long term intake of this dessert will add to the general wellness of one's health such as improved complexion, helps relieves the eyes (specially for those who stares at the tv/laptop screen for long periods of time), and so on and so forth.

It can be consumed over crushed ice or with warm syrup, depending on one's preference.  Definitely a dessert for all seasons, whether summer or winter.

I decided to make this dessert tonight. My first try....   ^,^ 

Anyone of you who happens to be in Taipei, Taiwan can visit Anny's native taiwanese delicacies at:

自由太陽堂  (read as 'tzi-you-thai-yang-thang' in mandarin)
台北市大安區忠孝東路三段227號之1   (No. 227-1 Chung Hsiao East Road Section 3, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan) 
Tel: (02) 2740-0722~3

She's a close friend of mine and I had my first taste of this dessert at the above store. (costs approx NTD60) Tastes simply great! A must try during your next Taipei stay. While enjoying this dessert, you can grab some native taiwanese delicacies for pasalubong (treats & give-aways).  Her stuffs are made fresh daily.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kimchi Hotpot

I wonder how anyone growing up in a tropical country would feel if I say that 1C has by far been one of the warmest temperature this winter season??? lol~

The beautiful snowy winter wonderland scene in our front & backyard comes with a price:   freezingly cold!!!

That calls for an easy to prepare kimchi hotpot dinner at home with the hubby.  Out came the Korean kimchi we bought at H-Mart which we used as soup base.  Then, added the frozen stuffs we kept instock.  It does come in handy that we have the habit of stocking our fridge and pantry full of food. ^,^

Hotpot sauce mix is an important part of any hotpot meal. Above, I mixed sacha, soy sauce, vinegar, string onions, & egg yolk (my fave mixture)  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hotdog's chicken drumstick

Hotdog enjoying some of her holiday treats on her king size bed. (Chicken flavored rawhide drumstick.) Her bed is situated to overlook the main entrance of the house, patio door, and backdoor (garage). 

Try snatching that treat from her and you will find your hand becoming a part of her food~~


Gigantic Ice Cream

Can't resist taking a shot of this street scene:

Feet Treats!

Typical Sunday morning means checking the newspaper as this is the day of the week where there are tons of ads & coupons on various items for clippings. Items such as beauty & health products, groceries, etc.

I chanced upon an article by Ellen Warren on Chicago Tribune - Feet Treats. She went to the fanciest spa that she could find (SPA by ESPA at The Pensinsula Hotel) and the strip malls to compare manicure & pedicure costs & services.

She compared pedicure treatments:     

Nail polish
-High-end, $23:   Chanel, Vendetta at
-Low-end, $7.29:   Sally Hansen, Purple Pulse at drugstores
Ellen says:   drugstore polish lasts as long as the designer label, covers as well

Body cream
-High-end, $48:   ESPA Deeply Nourishing Body Cream 3.38 ounces at
-Low-end, $3.25:   Glysolid glycerin cream at
Ellen says:   The expensive stuff isn't worth it

Callus stone
-High-end, $20:   Pedro callus stone, Tweezerman at
-Low-end, $3.49:   Callus stone, Equaline at drugstores
Ellen says:   The more expensive one is two-sided (rough and fine), and the handle is a lot easier to use; the cheaper one does the job.