Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Estee Lauder Cosmetic Set - Part 2 Of 2

This is not good blogging practice to make reviews every once in a blue moon, so I need to try to shape up.
Anyway, I mentioned on the Part 1 of this series that I will be doing a review and description on the contents of the items included in my Estee Lauder Cosmetic Set which I have already used. So, here goes:

1. Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette
This color collection would look pale when compared side by side with the UD BOS3 Alice In Wonderland palette. The UD BOS3 colors are vibrant and bold, while the Estee Lauder shades are tame and cool. A soft professional look will definitely call for this Estee Lauder shades. =)
Below is the list of shades included in this palette:
-Pure Color 13 Eyeshadows:
     #10 Ivory Box
     #13 Pale Moon
     #30 Sugar Cube
     #35 Cinnamon
     #38 Chocolate
     #47 Honey Drop
     #54 Copper Penny
     #60 Tea Biscuit
     #63 Mocha Cup
     #78 Mulberry
     #81 Lavender
     #82 Apricot
     #85 Petal
-Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo
      #04 Sage

2. Deluxe All-Over Face Compact
-Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush
     #13 Rose Wood
     #11 Nude Rose
-Bronze Goddess
     #01 Soft Matte Bronzer

3. Long lasting lipstick/rouge

4. Artist's Eye Pencil Crayon Design
Pretty easy to apply but not as "glidy" as UD's. I think I prefer UD's~
     #01 Softsmudge Black
     #02 Softsmudge Brown
     #08 Slate Writer (this is silvery in color)

5. Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara
I love this item and its really one of the best by far.  Applies to each eyelash with almost exact amount needed, neither too thick or too watery. Just right~ To anyone looking for a good quality mascara, this one is worth your bucks! My favorite.

6. Lash Primer Plus Full Treatment Formula
This one is the best buddy of Projectionist HD Volume Mascara. I use this primer before I put on the mascara and the result is really really good. Great result in half the time.

7. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
This one works for me as its not too greasy and easily removes any makeup or mascara in a single wipe or two. Thumbs up for this one.

8. Mirror
Nothing much to say except it does look pretty chic and functional. =)

9. Makeup brush set (4)
Haven't used the set yet but I touched the brushes, and I think the brush quality is quite comparable to Kirkland's. I have to say though that Kirkland's brushes are thicker than Estee Lauder's.

10. Cosmetic case (1) 100% polyester with pvc trim, Made in China
The cosmetic case is in gold which looks really chic and fab.

11. Cosmetic box (1) 100% pvc, Made in China
The red cosmetic box is really really oh-so-cool and I love it love it love it. When we are rushing out and I don't have enough time to get ready, I just grab this one and do my stuffs in transit. Very convenient and looks pretty too with its gold zipper with Estee Lauder logo on the ziphead.