Monday, November 22, 2010

Chinese Postpartum Care: 3- Recommended Menu 3

3rd Week (Day 15 ~ 21)

Meal:  Chicken in sesame oil (麻油雞), Chicken w/chestnut(栗子雞), Chicken w/dang-gui astragalus soup (當歸黃耆雞), Chicken w/lotus seeds & poria soup (茯苓連子雞), Pig tripe w/ spare ribs stew (豬肚燉排骨), Mullet in sesame oil(麻油烏魚), Lamb w/prepared rehmanniae root soup(熟地羊肉湯), Shrimp in sesame oil (麻油蝦)
Black-boned chicken in sesame oil (麻油烏骨雞)- helps the body recuperate, restores vigor
Main ingredients: black sesame oil, old ginger, (taiwan) rice wine, black-boned chicken

Herbals: [生津安神 + 排除脹氣 + 補中益氣] for postpartum care herbal formula
Main ingredients: Radix Rehmanniae Preparata or Prepared rehmannia root(熟地), Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae or achyranthes root(淮七), Ligustici Wa Llichi Rhizoma(川芎), Zizyphi Sativae Fructus or red dates(大棗), Lycii Fructus(枸杞)

To Induce Lactation: Yellow bean papaya w/carp soup (黃豆木瓜鯽魚湯), Stewed Pork feet w/peanuts & mushrooms (香菇花生燉豬腳), lactation herbals

Drinks: Refreshing herbal drink

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