Friday, July 9, 2010

Dining @Joy Yee Noodle House, Naperville

Tonight, we had dinner at Joy Yee Noodle House in Naperville.

While checking out their new menu cover, it says that they have branches at Chinatown Square, Evanston, Naperville, and University Village. We found that interesting because we usually just frequent Chinatown Square and Naperville. ^,^ This is what their front and back menu cover looks like, left to right, respectively: 

This time , we ordered these:
Mango Tapioca Drink
This Mango Tapioca Drink is quick becoming our basic staple during each visit to Joy Yee.  The mango quality they serve is different and better than those sold elsewhere.  We're guessing where they order their mangoes... Anyone out there who can tell us? 

Thai Basil Baked Rice (scallops, calamari & chicken)

Beef Cubes in Tomato Sauce Rice
I saw the table beside ours already dining on this one and the girls said it was highly recommended by a friend of theirs. They said it tastes good. So, I decided to try it out. It turned out really good and I just love it. Then, half way through our meal, I saw the table beside ours ordered exactly this same dish! wah!!!! Did they order it because they saw us with this order? My, that means 3 tables side by side ordered this same dish!!! Is it yummy or not???? 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Dining @Lao Sze Chuan

Our usual weekend activities would mostly include dining at chinese restaurants in the area. And, Lao Sze Chuan is one of our favorites. They are a must-go if you love spicy Chinese Sze-Chuan Cuisine.

These are some of the displays that grace their walls to greet your entrance:

We decided to have the following dishes and they taste really good... yummy~~~
(directly translated as "Couple's Lung Pieces" LOL~ includes pork lungs and some sort of beef internals)

魚香豆乾 (fish and dried bean curd)

潑辣豆花魚 (Spicy Tofu Fish)

Naperville Ribfest 2010 Celebrating US Independence Day at Knoch Park

Yesterday was July 4th, US Independence Day, and we attended the Naperville Ribfest 2010 at Knoch Park. It was super warm during the day so we waited until about 7PM before heading out. You see, entrance fee of US$12 is also being waved after 7:30PM depending on the volume of crowd attending the event.
As we neared Knoch Park, the sky suddenly turned cloudy and drizzled a bit. This is one of the scenes of the crowd waiting for the firework display sponsored by Meijer at 9:00PM.  (I just realized that I have set the dates on the photos incorrectly. sigh~)

There is a random inspection at the entrance of Knoch Park. Perhaps they want to make sure there will be no bomb threats or stuffs that could compromise public safety.

These are the signs we saw outside and inside the park:

There were indeed several rows of public toilets and we didn't see people rushing around to relieve nature's call.  The organizers did a great job!

Below are some more scenes inside Knoch Park:

One of the sponsors of this event: US Cellular.

And, the fireworks!!! ^,^