Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chinese Postpartum Care: 3- Recommended Menu 1

1st Week   (Day 1 ~ 7)  
Meal:     Pork liver in sesame oil (麻油豬肝), Stir-fried Pork liver w/spinach (波菜炒豬肝), Pork heart in sesame oil (麻油豬心), Bass ginger soup (老薑鱸魚湯)
Pork liver in sesame oil-  improves lochia discharge off the body, norishes and restores vital energy, protects the liver and eyesight
Main ingredients:     black sesame oil, old ginger, (taiwan) rice wine, pork liver

Herbals:     [補血養神 + 利水消腫 + 消除疲勞] for postpartum care herbal formula 
Main ingredients:     Codonopsis pilosulae Radix (黨蔘), Angelicae Sinensis Radix (當歸), Astragali Radix (黃耆), Pearl barley (薏仁), Poria (茯苓)

To Induce Lactation:     Yellow bean papaya w/carp soup (黃豆木瓜鯽魚湯), Stewed Pork feet w/peanuts (花生燉豬腳), lactation herbals

Drinks:    Traditional postpartum drink (生化湯), Red date tea

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